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Apple Aperture

There was an article in the ArsTechnica about Apple Aperture. Not very good product from the author's point of view. And I was a little disappointed. But in the same time I had some feeling that the author paid just a little attention to the main benefit of Aperture - reviewing and selecting - the way no other software can.

And then I read a comment on the Slashdot with two key sentences:

I totally agree with the commenter from Slashdot. Can't help waiting to get Aperture.

By the way, there are limitations to RAM amount for running Aperture. There is a trick to avoid them:
open the file info.plist (on the Aperture.app bundle)


You can use your amount of RAM instead of 700 mentioned above.

Indeed Aperture is very nice. I only got it last week and I'm already impressed by its fluidity and speed. It offers a ton of advanced options in a real easy and simple interface. I won't ever need to import pictures with iphoto, and I only ever use Photoshop for montage because Aperture does the job really well. Well done Apple.
bonus, thanks for your comment!
I think that Aperture needs a lot of improvements (as well as Apple Motion). But currently it's a great product.
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