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Eurovision Basic Image

We were comparing basic images of ESC2005 and ESC2006 yesterday. After discussions we agreed that our image is more conceptual. Let's compare.

Athens 2006:
The 2006 design is a combination of different elements. ERT, the Greek host broadcaster, is combining the unique history of Greece – represented by the Phaistos Disc (a well-known ancient artifact) – with a wave motif that represents the cyclical sound waves of music. The outcome is a multi-coloured, rounded look and feel.

The different shapes and forms will begin to form a pentagram with its lines made up of five colours. Each colour represents a different element of Greece.
Gold represents the golden sandy beaches; green stands for the country’s beautiful natural heritage with its picturesque villages; white represents the brightness of the Greek sunshine; red is for the passion for life and hospitable spirit of the Greek people; and blue represents the sea – a central part of Mediterranean culture.

The party-like atmosphere of Eurovision is represented by the slogan:
‘Feel the rhythm!’

Kyiv 2005:
Once in a year the vibrant fiery light of fern flower blooms.
Once in a year the unity of the European communities culminates in a song extravaganza.
Once in a year there’s a chance to win the Eurovision award – to find a wonderful fiery bloom of your own.
As the legend goes, the fern flower florescence is of extraordinary beauty.
Once in a year at midnight the flower opens and burns like fire, shimmering with all the colours of a rainbow.
The one who finds the flower is blessed with wisdom and happiness, and receives a gift of prescience, allowing him to comfort people.
A brand new world opens for him...

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