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Strong passwords

There are a lot of special password related software products recently. They help you generate passwords, replace passwords with graphics, etc.

I'm using special "CIA methodic" (as I was told) for about five years.

Take a look at this password:


It has all features of strong password:
1. It's senseless for others.
2. Nobody else can remember it. Even if they will look at it for a minute.
3. In dump of IP traffic it's hard to locate it as password. It looks like trash.
4. It's very long for brute-force attack.
5. It has lower- and upper-case letters, as well as punctuation.
6. It will be very easy for you to generate and remember it, because it's just a first letters of every word in the following peace of art:

"My words fly up, my thoughts remain below: Words without thoughts never to heaven go."
-- Hamlet (III, iii, 100-103)

Shakespeare forever! :)

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