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Aviation Security Daily: Air Force One Vandalized by Taggers

Wow! That's awasome, a graffiti group tagged Air Force one:
Aviation Security Daily: Air Force One Vandalized by Taggers.



How much is a gallon milk jug?

It really depends...

Business 2.0! I just found a story. I can't stop laughing! :))

"I once tried to sell gallons of my own cum on the Internet. The old saying that if you get paid for something you love it just becomes a lot of work really is true. I can tell you exactly. 1 cumshot is about a half-teaspoon for me, and it took me 1536 shots to fill a gallon milk jug. I was doing this for 12 hours a day, and on average I could shoot about 18 times if I really tried. It took almost 3 months for me to fill the milk jug up. 85 days, actually. Finished up just after noon on the 85th day. Told you I was hardcore."



"Let's make things beta™", Google



Blogger widget

I'm writing this from Google's Blogger widget. Really useful stuff. Unfortunately, there are no support for system spellcheck and no image uploading. I hope, they will improve it soon.


Geekbench Preview 2

I just downloaded Geekbench Preview 2 and ran it on my PowerMac G5 2x2.5 GHz. Looks like it's faster then MacBook Pro Intel Core Duo 2.0GHz. I'm a little bit amazed.

Below are results of benchmark:

Geekbench Information
Version: Geekbench Preview 2 (r73)
Compiler: GCC 4.0.1 (Apple Computer, Inc. build 5250)

System Information
OS: Version 10.4.5 (Build 8H14)
Model: PowerMac7,3
Motherboard: PowerMac7,3
CPU: PowerPC G5 (970)
CPU ID: 18, 100
CPU Count (Physical): 2
CPU Count (Logical): 2
CPU Frequency: 2500 MHz
Bus Frequency: 1250 MHz
Memory: 2560 MB

CPU Integer Performance
Emulate 6502 192 (1 thread, 342.7 megahertz)
Emulate 6502 346 (4 threads, 632.6 megahertz)
Blowfish 170 (1 thread, 235.1 megabytes/sec)
Blowfish 289 (4 threads, 439.5 megabytes/sec)
bzip2 Compress 159 (1 thread, 28.52 megabytes/sec)
bzip2 Compress 274 (4 threads, 51.04 megabytes/sec)
bzip2 Decompress 172 (1 thread, 71.85 megabytes/sec)
bzip2 Decompress 303 (4 threads, 128.3 megabytes/sec)

CPU Floating Point Performance
Mandelbrot 162 (1 thread, 1.09 gigaflops)
Mandelbrot 289 (4 threads, 2.024 gigaflops)

Memory Performance
Latency 247 (1 thread, 42.29 nanoseconds/load)
Read Sequential 254 (1 thread, 1.85 gigabytes/sec)
Write Sequential 187 (1 thread, 1.077 gigabytes/sec)
Stdlib Allocate 139 (1 thread, 108.6 kiloallocs/sec)
Stdlib Allocate 142 (4 threads, 112.1 kiloallocs/sec)
Stdlib Write 143 (1 thread, 2.249 gigabytes/sec)
Stdlib Copy 141 (1 thread, 1.058 gigabytes/sec)

Stream Performance
Stream Copy 140 (1 thread, 1.919 gigabytes/sec)
Stream Scale 140 (1 thread, 1.913 gigabytes/sec)
Stream Add 146 (1 thread, 2.015 gigabytes/sec)
Stream Triad 129 (1 thread, 1.82 gigabytes/sec)



TV Design Museum

In June 2005 we are going to create some outstanding redesign for one of our main TV Channels.
And I was looking for good TV Design samples. Usually it's really hard to find something like this. You need to look at hundreds different places, combining everything from small fragments. So you may imagine how happy was I to find "TV ARK - The Television Museum". Branding of large amount of TV Channels collected in one place. And it goes deep in history as well.

PS: Don't forget to check the great BCC One & Two designs there.



Find the difference

A small puzzle for today. Let's compare the branding of two TV channels: TET and Einstein:



Infiniti Interactive Mirrors

Nikolai Cornell, media designer from LA, recently completed a few interactive installations for the Detroit Auto Show. One of them is Infiniti Interactive Mirrors.

The installation consists of three 8’ high by 3.5 ’ wide panes of mirrored glass placed side by side, each displaying rear-projected content from a high-lumen projector. Sensors embedded in the structure above each pane register when a user reaches out to a “hot spot,” allowing users to navigate the projected content without ever needing to touch the “screen” or press a “button.” An additional sensor recognizes when a user approaches and automatically activates the mirror to welcome the visitor.

I just thought that this installation is very close by spirit to Joseph Kosinski's work for Nike "Les Jumelles".



I downloaded CINEBENCH 9.5 (it's universal now). And just made the benchmarking for my PowerMac.

Here are my results:


Tester : hsm

Processor : Dual G5 2.5 GHz
MHz : 2.5 GHz
Number of CPUs : 2
Operating System : Mac OS X 10.4.5

Graphics Card : NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra DDL 256Mb
Resolution : 1920x1200
Color Depth : 32 bits


Rendering (Single CPU): 385 CB-CPU
Rendering (Multiple CPU): 689 CB-CPU

Multiprocessor Speedup: 1.79

Shading (CINEMA 4D) : 371 CB-GFX
Shading (OpenGL Software Lighting) : 1081 CB-GFX
Shading (OpenGL Hardware Lighting) : 1821 CB-GFX

OpenGL Speedup: 4.91




Office illustration

I took some photos of our office and tried to create something interesting for our future website. Unfortunately the composition in photography is something far from me. I could figure it out only after creating of illustration from one.

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